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My Serious Sam Zdoom Mod is Done!!!

Ok… I had finished up the maps for my serious Sam Themed Zdoom mod Serious Sam : X Encounter tonight. Finally I have that done, and all other issues have been fixed, it’s now really playable… it is “Serious” Non Cartoony sequel to the Game Serious Sam : Second encounter made as a Zdoom Mod. originally this was going to be a standalone game but this can’t happen now due to the fact that the remade enemies and music in the standalone game simply didn’t fit Sam Enough for me to want to use them, so I brought back serious sam enemies and guns and decided to make it a mod to cut back on copyright claims from Sam Game developers.   And what a mod it is!


It features 64 maps, 32 expansion maps (not done yet), 20+ new enemies, new guns, secondary fire for new new guns, new powerups, a “score system” with Serious Sam : Next Encounter themed Super Combo Killing sprees, and the ability to buy ammo and health and other super powers with your score. Hitting f1 allows you buy health and ammo, F2 buys a cloaking ability, f3 buys a serious speed, f4 buys a serious damage, and f5 buys a serious invulnerability. It really is a great system, and it makes the game that more fun…. Your score, no matter what level you are one, starts at 0 and increases per kill. The f1-f5 powers require high enough score to use them.  It’s really challenging as well, due to lots of new enemies and recreated enemies from Serious Sam 3, Serious Sam 2, and serious sam : next encounter as well.


Download the mod here:


Install it to your gzdoom folder (latest gzdoom required) and run it with  this command, gzdoom -file ssmod.pk3.  Requires Doom 2 to play. Enjoy Serious Sam and Doom Fans!!!



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