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Every time I spend HOURs, hell DAYS and MONTHS on GOOD mods for FPS games, I get these fucking idiots who take the mods download pages and link them to forums where they get bashed. It happened on my duke3d mod TUC, It happened to my serious sam mod SSRPG, hell it happened on many sites before when I shared them personally with the sites. The bashing before I moved to a blog prompted me to release them to a blog, because I thought it would PREVENT them from being bashed on forums by idiots. But it didn’t. Idiots from the Doomworld “community”, Zdoom “Community”, Duke3d “Community”, the Stalker “Community” on and the Serious Sam “Community” bashed my articles and/or mods or Music. And it requires me to take drastic measures to get your fucking idiots to stop spamming me with forum bashing.

From now on if some fucking idiot links to one of my mods and it gets bashed on the forum the idiot linked it on, I will delete the post mentioning the mod. Not that it will prevent it from being bashed. If any more of my mods get bashed, I am going to shut down this blog. This is your last fucking warning “community” shitheads! Any more idiots bash it on the forum because some fucking idiot shared it on a forum, and I am shutting down this blog, FOREVER. I Don’t care about the stuff I made so much that I want it to be bashed by idiots online. I will shut down the site if anymore of this bullshit happens. I AM WARNING YOU!

It seems they also constantly attack me for using 4shared as well. I have no choice. My mods are so big that no other site can fit them! Fuck you people. And I’m sick and tired of it. How long does it take to sign up with a new account? Seriously. I have 50+ accounts on 50+ sites and very few of them have spammed me. So don’t bash me for this bullshit AGAIN. Because EVERY DAMN FORUM that it got linked on bashed my choice of a file sharing site, and I think that’s bullshit.

This is your last warning. If anyone bashes it on a forum, I’m leaving this blog to die. Seriously. I’ve fucking had enough.


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