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Insane Doom, My Newest Gzdoom Megawad, hath been released. Behold!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working HARD on insane Doom, my latest Doom 2 megawad for the gzdoom Port. I finished mapping this morning and fixed a shitload of bugs as well…. It like agony will have 33 maps (1 really unplayable one, unfortunately, more on that later), and extremely difficult gameplay, in vein of Hell Revealed X10, very similar to a insane megawad in progress called sunder.

But unlike those, this features custom guns and enemies.  The short prerelease of maps 1-11  shows off what this could have been, but a lot has changed since then. For one there is only a few custom weapons left, and custom enemies, aren’t as numerous now. Still it is a great final Doom 2 mapping project for me, the last I will release that contains new maps…

I had to cut out most  of the enemies and weapons because infighting was making the game slow to a crawl and I would rather have less custom stuff then cut down on enemy count.  It is too bad too, because some of those guns were cool. But a few have remained. Custom enemies have been taken out. A LOT of them…. Most of the stuff from agony remains but all the realm667 stuff that didn’t make it into agony is gone… A pity. All the new guns can be selected with the 9 and 0 keys on the keyboard. Press them multiple times to cycle through them….

A word of warning…. This megawad is quite intense… A good system capable of playing modern games is recommended. Even on mine on UV in certain maps it slows down when 500+ enemies show up in one room…  This addon has 1000+ enemies in many maps so keep that in mind. Not so much early on in map1-11 but in maps 15 and later, much more common.   It also is a huge mod, weighing at around 400 MB. Sorry… But the stuff included such as the textures and heavy metal music could not be compressed more….

Many of the maps have hundreds of hard enemies per room… This is NOT meant for beginners or Doom people who hate stuff like Hell Revealed or other Doom “Slaughtermaps”. It doesn’t start  this way but becomes this way around 7 maps in… Some of the maps had so many enemies that reducing them was required to get a good framerate!!! Can you believe that?!     There are lots of new custom enemies and some are insanely hard. One called  the “Darkvile” is a spectral archvile that is hard as hell to kill (like 10x cyberdemon difficulty).  There are also meticulous mutated, supermutated and spectral cyberdemons that make normal cyberdemons look piss easy. Watch out!  To even up the odds the new super weapon (available to switch to with  with the 0 key) is a minigun speed BFG9000 called the BFG69000. It is required to beat later levels. Originally conceived as a joke weapon in torture only available in 2 maps, it was never so hard that you needed it then… Well… NOW you do!   Pure difficulty wise, this may be the hardest damn doom2 megawad ever. I am warning you. It is so hard that I had to reduce enemy damage to the player to make it fair.  It outdoes sunder.wad quite easily overall and map33 is the record breaker here… Not that it is playable…

Map33 is dubbed “the hardest Doom level EVAR!” and has nothing short of 19,768 enemies! You heard that right. 3023 of these 19,768 are cyberdemons! 99% of the other enemies are Revenants. That’s right, over 18,000 Revenants in one map. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!  Playing it is like having a tooth removed without being numbed first.  It runs at something like 0.05 FPS at first and slowly gets a teeny bit faster as you kill enemies. You get the BFG69000 and tons of cells and invulns but stilll…  It is so heavily infested that even when you kill all enemies with the console it still runs at 1.5 FPS! It was made to be a record breaker but the fact that it is utterly unplayable really doesn’t phase me at all.  Before this one map in SF2011 (slaughterfest 2011 megawad) and the infamous NUTS.WAD had the title of Most enemies per level. Not anymore!!!! This also has more cyberdemons per map in one room than any other WAD in Doom History. Some guy on youtube showed off his blood filled map that he used to kill 3000 cyberdemons with the stupidly retarded Superweap.deh patch that makes all guns in Doom fire at minigun speed. Of course he could do that in that map if it has a built in cheat mode like that… But can he handle this…. Probably not… If you like playing totally unplayable slow motion maps go ahead, but if not you might not want to go out of the secret exit in map32.  A word of warning… This megawad WILL slow down to a crawl at least 1 section of one map outside this level as well! You have been warned!

On my youtube channel (here), I will be posting me playing demos of the levels tonight and all this/next month till New years. Some maps aren’t guaranteed to be beatable on UV but I will give it my best try.. I will also upload all the demos in a zip file to this blog because some will undoubtably be too big for my capturing software to capture them.. Once it hits 12 minutes it crashes on my system so…

This mod is for gzdoom so hardware acceleration is required… Since skyboxes are part of it and gzdoom can’t do them outside hardware acceleration mode… If it can run in normal Zdoom I don’t know…   There are 2 downloads for this mod.. Download 1 is the the mod itself, available from here. Unzip all the files to your doom 2 folder and run the idoom.bat or type gzdoom -file idoom.pk3 to run it… Download 2 (available here) contains optional 3d models and high-res bump mapped textures for all the original doom and doom 2 textures.  Though, I found that Insane Doom runs much faster without the models and textures installed. If you want to run this without the batch file (the .bat will load the models and textures if they are present) type this command in the run box instead:

Gzdoom -file idoom.pk3 idmodels.pk3 idtex.pk3


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