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Another Zdoom Mod for you Doom Nuts : The Insane Mod…

This is a little mod I put together that randomly replaces all enemies, weapons and most items with monsters, weapons and items/powerups from, a repository of custom doom content for zdoom ports.  I made this so I could play through normal doom1/2 megawads with the new content without having to edit each map to add it in…  It features over 50 weapons, new enemies by my not seen in other addons, and more.


– Tons of new enemies/weapons and powerups.

– Enemies new drop health and powerups randomly (but only original doom 1/2 enemes do this).

– Original doom 1/2 Enemies with guns only drop their weapons sometimes.

– Demons drop magical weapons (hit 8 key to select them, hit it again to select the next one.)

– Mutated (stronger attacks and faster movement) varients of all original doom 1 and 2 enemies.

– Zombified (Slower, stronger attacks, resurrecting) varients of all doom 1 and 2 enemies. Use the zombieman rifle or

explosives to kill them. If you don’t have them… RUN!

–  Totally new demons not seen in any addons.

– Demons from some other addons not found on realm667 (strain enemies, beyond doom enemies, etc)

–  Bonus content includes 3d models, skyboxes, lensflares and hi-res bumpmapped textures. Also contains heavy metal remixes of all doom 1 and doom 2 songs. GFX Bonus content is For Gzdoom Only.

– The ability to play Doom 1 megawads in doom 2.

– Enemies from Doom 2 will randomly replace enemies that appear in both games so that when you play ultimate doom  or doom  1 addons you will see random revenants, archviles, etc.  This to a degree also makes Doom 2 levels harder but It is something that needed to be done, IMHO.  Also random super shotgun zombies will spawn in both games so you can get the SSG in Doom 1 megawads. But you have to be lucky.

– The Ability to play Megawads requiring Final Doom : Plutonia Experiment in Doom 2.

Here are links to the original mod and the bonus content:

The mod itself:

Bonus Content:


Unzip all the files to your doom 2 folder and the 2 batch files load.bat and imod.bat

to play any addon for Doom 2, Final Doom, or Doom 1 type zdoom -file imod.pk3 <name of addon wad>

to play with the bonus content type : gzdoom -file imod.pk3 immus.pk3 imgfx.pk3 <name of addon.wad>  Leave Imgfx.pk3 out if you don’t have gzdoom and use zdoom. It requires gzdoom. To play with gzdoom just type gzdoom instead of zdoom. To play the music in zdoom type zdoom -file imod.pk3 immus.pk3 <addon wad to play>

To play doom 1 addons you need the heavy metal music pk3 (immus.pk3) loaded as well if you want  to hear the music. I could have put the music in but I no longer have The ultimate doom CD around.  I lost my ultimate doom and final doom cd’s years ago.  That’s why I made the ability to play ultimate doom and final doom requiring addons part of it.

Some Doom 1 addons cannot be played in doom 2, like KDIZD for instance will not work.. But most should.


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