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New video game “Reality” being worked on…

Recently, I finished up Onslaught : Operation Assblast, a free 8 level FPS Game made with FPS Creator, a program you can buy online to make free FPS games with. It is actually a really good program and I had fun making this last game. The game was a sequel to a free game I released online last august that was done with the Gzdoom Engine as a standalone game, a game where you play as a cybernetic mercenary named “Asshole” who is tasked in killing the leader of a mad cult who controlls all the governments of the entire world secretly with only one goal, Exterminate Humanity. With that in mind, the cult starts bombing cities world wide, and only you can stop them. I the sequel, Onslaught : Operation Assblast, your job is to shut down a Cult Black Hole generator they are using to attempt to suck the Earth into it. Only you can stop them again… The Download link is here..

I also recently uploaded some youtube videos showing off level 1 and 2 of Onslaught : Operation Assblast. Here they are:


Now I’ve been working on ideas for Kickass Gaming’s next game, and the one that got the choice for the next game is another old video game Idea I had earlier in 2006 that got made as a Doom mod but the mod was so bad and buggy that it never got finished. It got nuked in a Virus Accident in 2009. The game was called “Reality” and was a Zdoom Mod then.  The game takes place in a Parody universe where you play as a Parody of Me “blackplague”, with my two friends “Hitman213″ and “Shifty”.  We make a game inside this parody universe “Violence” and distribute it at a parody of the college I went to. Some video game censorship moguls get all pissed off at us and threaten to arrest us under the “Save The Children from Anything We Could Find offensive Damnit!! Act of 2008!!!”.  But they don’t know I am a secret assassin in the parody universe, Shifty is a hacker, and Hitman213 is a generic fighting type character. So we set out to fight our way of it by making them look bad. Here is a prototype screenshot taken from part of what would become level 1:

Everyone in the game is based on real people I know or know about. Since a lot of lawsuits could result in a game like this where tons of censorship advocates are Parodied, all their names are changed.  In the game story I end up going to my college at night to hack some computers to make one of the “conspirators” a parody of an Obnoxious Professor of Computer Science I had to deal with in the Real College I went to. Once we hack the Pc’s for her to get fired, we end up having to deal with “Kentucky video game activist Tim Jimmeson”.  In this game none of the main adversaries get killed, so it isn’t like you go around killing video game censors, for they never actually show up in the game world itself, and it’s all Blackplague versus the “morality police” a fictional army of soldiers dedicated to “upholding the standards of decency, with violent force!!!”.

I’m working on the levels for a short video thing I will do tonight, hopefully, on youtube, if not tomorrow. I have levels 1 and 2 done now and 3 will be done by tonight… 4 is just a rehash of 1 and the others, very few of them are original after that, a lot of revisiting old levels… More updates later, gamers!!!


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