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New Games “Reality”, and “Onslaught 1″ Demo available to download!

I know it’s been a long time since my last blog post here… But I have been sidetracked with watching Lets Plays of 2 RPG games online, so I haven’t been posting here…. But I have been working on Onslaught, the FPS Creator game, based on the video game idea me and a friend came up with in 1995. For those who aren’t aware of Onslaught, it takes place in the far future where a mad cult is controlling the world, hell bent on bring on the apocalypse, so they start bombing cities, killing civilians and unleashing genetic mutations to do that easier, and are working on cyborg soldiers. But something goes wrong, for the player character, a cyborg who has gone rogue decides to ruin all their fun. You play as him, his name is “Asshole!”. Seriously. Throughout the game you get missions to stop the CSC cult and you have to complete them to stop their mad plan, so you can get the money you need! I developed this with the FPS Creator program I bought of amazon for christmas.  Currently, the first 7 out of 15 levels are done for Onslaught, and they form episode 1 out of 2. The full game may be split into 2 seperate games if FPS Creator doesn’t like them…


I also have finished “Reality”, a parody universe game where you play as a parody of me who fights parodies of video game censors who send the morality police to kill me. It’s a parody of all the idiocy surrounding video game censorship thought up in 2008, and was made as a recreation of that idea.. Both of these games are free to download now…. If you like old school FPS games and don’t mind low FPS (because the engine is not quite optimized enough), and don’t mind the fact that they don’t have great graphics, you might want to try these out. FPS creator was the best bet for me to make this game, other choices such as unity are simply too programming oriented and I am not a great programmer at all, so forget them. And I have 0 modeling knowledge but can skin existing models, so this was the only choice for me.  Reality is 10 levels long. A lot of levels recycle existing areas but the story is designed that way, I return my house a lot, etc…  I was making this more as a parody than a serious game, so I don’t take it too seriously.


Due to the fact my area is getting a big snowstorm/blizzard tommorrow with power outages expected, I am not sure when I can continue on Onslaught… Who knows when. I will update as soon as I am back online if anything happens…


Installation Instructions:


Unzip the below named zip files for each game into a new folder named for the game to be installed,

aka C:\reality for reality, C:\onsep1 for Ons Ep1. Run the exe in the folder to play…


System Requirements:


Pentium Dualcore 3.0 GHZ

Windows XP or later

Directx 9 or later.

2 GB of Ram

Nvidia geforce GT 520 or equivelant

1 GB disk space for each game.




Here are the download links…


Onslaught : Episode 1 – Download Here


Reality – Download Here




Just incase the download links get removed or the files get deleted on their current host (Gamefront), here

are mirrored links on 4Shared:



Onslaught : Episode 1 – Download Here


Reality – Download Here



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