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For my next project… I am making a Serious Sam Themed Doom Total Conversion!!!! Time to get Serious!

Well… Now that insane doom 2 is done and that Oblige 5.07 is out (and it kicks ass – it generates AWESOME levels that are close to ones people make, not joking!), it’s time to start building mods with maps it makes. The First I will do is a True, and Proper Sequel to Serious Sam : The Second Encounter that is designed to be an alternative to Serious Sam 2 that is more like the first 2 games than the stupid humor/cartoon filled mess SS2 was…. Anyway….. The mod is being Called “Serious Sam : Ultimate Encounter” and is being designed for Gzdoom…

Several years ago I was working on something similar, a Sequel to Serious Sam 2 where you have to hunt down a minion who is resurrecting Minions of Mental in Outer Space near Jupiter, Ancient Greece, Ancient Norway and Egypt (Again!). It was called Serious Sam : X Encounter, but was never finished. In it I did partial model to sprite conversions of many Serious Sam Enemies and found weapon sprites from Some Serious Sam Doom TC to base that on. I got lots of other stuff from Freedoom, and other sources to make it work. But it was a big mess, stealing stuff from many other games not just Serious Sam, so I canned it.

Using some of the stuff I made for this plus textures from the game Powerslave to replace Serious sam ones I don’t have for Zdoom, and some other texture packs, plus Freedoom and Serious sam : First encounter and Second encounter enemies (and 1 from next Encounter! – kind of), I have been working on a True Sequel to Serious sam : Second Encounter for Gzdoom that will use Oblige 5.07 to make it’s maps (all 64 of them!). The full mod will have 32 levels and an expansion made down the road will have 32 new levels. As well as enemies from Sam there are also most of the weapons from Sam, minus the Laser gun and tommy gun. There are a lot of new weapons such as an automatic shotgun, automatic Pistol, Uber Minigun, Grenade Launcher, Nuclear Missile Launcher, and tons of new enemies from Realm667 to boot..

This takes place After sam rockets his way from ancient Poland to Sirius, to stop the evil overlord known as Mental. He goes to proxima Centauri first to stop mentals armies there (episode 1 : map 1-11), then lands on Sirius to Find Mental’s Stronghold beneath Sirius’s biggest city, to kill mental but mental is not there, he warped to Ancient Egypt to destroy earth, Galactus Style!!!. So Sam Follows him back to Egypt to kill him. But Fails… The expansion follows, with Sam going back to¬† the future to stop Mental in the future from Destroying earth again in Cairo (Episode 4), London (Episode 5) and on an Orbiting Space Station (Episode 6), where the final boss fight is where Sam Fights Mental… Does he kill him. Is Mental even beatable by a Mortal Like Sam. I can’t reveal that here.

What I can reveal are a bunch of screenshots taken from custom test maps done with Oblige 5.07 using the Egypt Texture theme. They look Cool. Check these out!!!!:

I’m not sure if this will be released publicly, because of possible Copyright infringement complaints from the makers of the Serious Sam Games…. But we’ll see. If I do release it, you can download it here… Should be ready in about 2-3 weeks I would say…


My mod for Gzdoom, that is a sequel to the Game Serious Sam : Second Encounter, is coming along nicely. The first thing you need to know is that this is a very old project predating even Serious Sam 3 BFE, and that project was made but abandoned due to concerns over stealing stuff from other games, such as sounds in beastiary monsters from other games and such. As of now, the project has been rebuilt from scratch and features 64 levels taking place in 6 different realms, Callisto (Moon of Jupiter), Ancient Norway (Viking Age), Ancient Greece, the Far Future when the sun is about to go Red Giant Phase (crispy!), Ancient Egypt and Finally Sirius itself, where Mental (or what he turns out to be, NO SPOILERS), is fought….

I rebuilt the story to fit this ages old plan of how this should be. 2 previous unreleased mods used this idea, this story, but were never finished. Now that oblige 5.07 is out anything is possible. Originally this was supposed to have a different story, taking place on proxima centauri, sirius, and Ancient Egypt only. But that was scrapped in favor of this because of a really well done plot twist that has the potential to “undo” the entire serious sam series’s story up to this point. I will not spoil it… But it’s ingenious… In fact there are 2 or 3 big plot twists that are game story shattering, in terms of how the original games stories are concerned, big changes to the plot that will shock players… I like it… here are some screenshots of stuff I have done recently, high tech level tests showing off the maps I made as a test to test out the texture theme:

I will need at least a week to finish this mod, due to me testing out oblige maps. But the new random map generator is really good, so I don’t expect there to be many issues… I absolutely love the maps oblige 5.07 is putting out.. It really is really well done for a random map generator, far better than older versions like 4.28, and the infamous “Christmas edition”… Kudos to Andrew “Ajapted” Apted for making this awesome program!!! The new version fits serious sam themed levels like a tea! It can put THOUSANDS, nevermind hundreds of monsters per level, can generate lots of big open arenas filled with enemies, just like in the Serious Sam Game. The only thing It can’t do is slopes and secret rooms and lots of traps (a few monster closets show up)… But it really is well made so far…


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