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New Doom stuff coming out by me….

April 30, 2012

Hey… Over the past few days I’ve decided to work on a mini sequel to the Zdoom Megawad agony.wad that I happened to create 1 year ago. This sequel, which is only 7 maps long is a brutally hard set of maps designed to challenge even the pro’s, on higher difficulty settings….. Expect LOTS of […]

Evisceration: My Latest Doom Megawad Released!!!

April 20, 2012

Evisceration : Random Torment (or ERT for short): My doom megawad mentioned in my last post, has been finished…. After 3 weeks of work….. It’s a randomly generated set of 33 maps for gzdoom, created with the random map generator obhack. Why randomly generate the maps? Well for starters it is much easier to make […]

Announcing a new Megawad for Gzdoom : Evisceration!

April 19, 2012

Recently I’ve been working on a “secret” gzdoom only megawad that will be released soon. It is called Evisceration and is the sequel to my previous Gzdoom megawad that came out 2 years ago called “Agony”. Unlike Agony, Evisceration was made with a random map generator, Obhack 007.3, heavily modified, to add things like better […]


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